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Womens Tour in India

Our women tour in India will provide you a platform, where from you can interact with women from different social, economical and professional backgrounds. Women in India have achieved much for themselves, however, there is still a huge section of women especially in the rural areas who still lag behind. The tour will allow you to take a glimpse into their lives, the problems they face in their day to day lives as well as in pursuance of their goals. On this tour you will also get to know about their achievements and understand their point of view on different issues that have an effect on the lives of people in general.

Visit to famous women personalities
Our women tour in India will take you to visit some of the most prominent women personalities of the country who have made a name for themselves in their field. These women are not necessarily from urban areas but they are a name to reckon with. They have put in a lot of effort to achieve their goal, and during your visit they will divulge the details of their success to you. From their account, you will know the problems they faced while trying to achieve their target and the success they achieved despite that. You will also get an opportunity to discuss with them the recent developments and trends that have a bearing on the lives of women in general.

Visits to Women's NGOs
During your tour you will also visit various non government organisations, that are active in promoting the cause of women. Women in urban areas have a much better opportunity to progress and make a name for themselves, however things are not the same for village women. It is not as if women in the urban areas do not face any problems, yet the women in village have to lead a far more difficult life. For them, making a career is much more difficult because of the various restrictions imposed on them. Also they have fewer opportunities available, hence they require assistance and guidance to break out of their stereotypical image of housewife and do something on their own.

This is where women's NGOs like 'SEWA' come into action. SEWA or the Self- Employed Women's Association is based in Gujarat and works toward the betterment of women throughout India. SEWA believes in making the women independent, and financially stable so that they abandon their nervousness and join in the mainstream economy. Over the years, SEWA has proved that a little effort with these women can do wonders for them as well as the country. As such a visit to this NGO as well as others involved in working for women will provide you an insight into the lives of the Indian women in its entirety.

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