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Hidden Treasure of India

Gourmet Tour

Indian CuisineOur Gourmet tour will take to some of the most exotic locales in India with exceptional cuisines. The cuisine of India has developed over a period of time and includes both traditional as well as modern recipes. As a connoisseur of good food, you will definitely enjoy the variety that the great country of India will present before you on this trip. The taste and flavour of the food is unique in different regions of India. However, all the recipes are a rich combination of taste and nutrition. On your tour, you will be actually surprised by the fact that so many different dishes can be prepared using the same basic ingredients.

North India
North India covers a large part of the country including the state of Kashmir, Rajasthan, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. Staple diet of the people of these state is rice, pulses and vegetables. However, the method of preparation differs. There are also some special recipes of each region which are famous throughout the country like Rajasthan's Dal Bati, Uttar Pradesh's Kebabs and Punjab's Sarson Ka Saag and Makki di Roti. North India also boasts of the world famous Mughlai cuisine which you will definitely appreciate.

South India
Indian CuisineSouth India has a distinct cuisine of its own which is strikingly different from the north, east or west Indian cuisine. The southern Indian state of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh eat both vegetarian and non vegetarian food. Offlate many of the recipes of the south India have become quite popular with not only the rest of Indians but also with the foreigners. Some of these recipes include idli, dosa, uppuma, pongal and sambhar. These dishes will delight you with their taste and flavour.

East India
East India includes the state of Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Orissa and seven north eastern states. The cuisine of the first three states is generally one, however, differences crop up in the preference of dishes. For example the Bengalis are more fond of Macher Jhol as compared to the people of other two states. Bengal is also famous for its sweets like sandesh, rasgulla, pantua and chamcham. As far as north east states are concerned, non vegetarian food forms a major part. In this part people eat every available animal.

West India
West India again exhibit a sharply different cuisine than the rest of India. Consisting of Goa, Gujarat and Maharashtra, west India gourmet tour will offer you variety of dishes because there is a considerable difference between the people of the three states. Dhoklas from Gujarat, bhel puri and paav bhaji from Maharashtra and the non vegetarian items from Goa will delight you with their distinct but delicious taste.

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